John Smartt

Function better at every level

Business performance/Osteopath/Systems developer/Cultural Change

Innovative and practical solutions to help people and organisations:

  • heal more rapidly,
  • respond more painlessly,
  • function more efficiently, and
  • perform more effortlessly.

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How does that work?

The obvious question is: if someone works across a range of disciplines, without specialising in any of them, how could he have the right expertise to help?

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Consulting & systems

In the increasingly busy and chaotic world of work, the first step to solving problems is to get visibility into what is happening; and in doing so, to save time and effort. Once that is done, great things become possible.

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When John decided to return to University to study a health profession, he selected osteopathy because the approach was the most consistent with the way he consults. Osteopathy involves asking "why"?

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