If someone works across a range of disciplines, without being a specialist, how can he have the right expertise to help?

A diverse background with a range of skills help John to think with originality.

By drawing on different disciplines to see what's causing an issue, he helps chart a course for change and improvement. His background in the corporate world, together with his clinical perspective as a practicing osteopath, has taught him to look at things a different way.

A recurring pain in the body may be caused by a chemical, neurological or muscular imbalance; in a different part of the body. A recurring problem in an organisation may be caused by the wrong approach to hiring, or by in appropriate technology. The key is to ask the right questions before we pull together the answers.

John believes that the idea that 'specialists know best' is a holdover from last century, when people had to keep knowledge in their memories. In this century, the world's knowledge is freely available on line; the people who are best at solving problems aren't those with a specialist knowledge base; they are those who can use a range of alternative perspectives to develop more helpful ideas.

If you want specialist knowledge, look on line. If you want a fresh approach to your problems, talk to someone with alternative perspectives and a wide range of experience. Underlying all John's work is a belief that there's usually a better way to do things, if you only look at the problem from the right angle.

John has six tertiary qualifications across three disciplines, he has written three published books on management, and has been consulting, in one form or another, for more than 30 years. More information about John's background can be found on the Individual Motivational Profile site.

His office and clinic is in the city of Sydney, Australia.