As work becomes busier and more chaotic, getting things into focus becomes harder; and more important.

Once you gain more visibility, and save time doing so, great things become possible.

John provides his clients with whatever planning, facilitation, coaching, counselling, training, stress reduction, project management and bespoke computer systems are required to solve problems, implement change and make the workplace function better. The key is in the right diagnosis, and the ability to see issues from a wide range of perspectives.


Visibility into how individuals are motivated, and what they can do

The Individual Motivational Profile is has applications in every stage of the employee life cycle; and is now available for free.

John is one of the most experienced people in Australia, in terms of analysing skills and learning needs.

Visibility into how people are working together

Use the free interactive teamwork diagnostic.

Have a fresh look at organisational culture.

Visibility into how processes and projects are working

It's hard to get on top of things when you are dealing with 200+ emails per day. The Project Visibility System and the Process Visibility System can help you to get back in control.