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Effective Ineptitude: The Secrets of Corporate Climbing

This book is; well, let's face it; sneaky. It reads like a Dilbertesque send up of management, but underneath that, it's a serious (but short and easy to read) book about how to be a better leader; and how to avoid being caught in others' political games.

"What the text books never told you about getting ahead in organisations—a must-read insight into the reality of management." Professor Robert Waldersee

Hard copies of this have mostly sold out from on-line and retail outlets, but it is now available from Amazon as an e-book. Alternatively, John has hard copies available for $10 (Australian) plus postage.

Lead Work Teams

This is a flexible-delivery workbook developed for use in vocational training. It can be used by a person working alone, who wants to learn to lead better, and can be used in workshops. Those who conduct leadership-development programs can contact John for supplementary material in e-book format, containing exercises that support the material in "Lead Work Teams".

Available from McGraw Hill in hard copy.